Monday, February 25, 2013

A Tea Party For Two!

This is my first "What I Wore" type post on this new blog!

Back at the old spot (The Rainbows and Sunshine Project) this was favorite of mine,
because like alot of ladies....I like clothes!

But more than that, and again I am not alone here, I like lovely and inexpensive clothes.

I remember being an adolescent gal, and just wondering why on earth my mom wouldn't just buy my that cute outfit at DEB (it was a lavender capri and tank set, with daisies all over case you were curious) 
I mean, it wasn't like it was SUPER pricey, and hadn't we been shopping at the Fashion Exchange long enough???

She said "When you get a job and make your own money, then you can spend it on whatever you'd like".

Oh I will! Don't you worry about that...

Fast forward to 3 years later when I had my moneymaker job,where do you think I went next??

...To the clearance section.

Humble Pie you bitter but necessary dessert!

This weekend, I was invited by my soul sista Brain to a DAR Tea Party, and to be honest before I met her the only thing I knew about DAR was that Emily Gilmore was very involved in it. 

So,  I got dressed in a lovely little dress and felt rather dainty if I'm being honest!

Dress from Romy's: $8
Shoes from a Maurices gift card won over at Breakfast at Tiffany's
belt: Romy's~$5

I so enjoy awkwardly sitting around getting my picture taken, trying to look respectable.

Headband from an Etsy Shop that I can't remember *gasp!*
Anchor Bracelet from Groopdealz
And one of my very favorite accessories is this necklace made by a lady with a heart for Him that shines through any storm.

The beautiful Stephanie over at The Honey Pot.

I bought this necklace when I was enduring some pretty rough life moments, and I'm telling you it has helped immensely to be able to just read those words "Because He lives, I can face tomorrow", written to honor a beautiful hymn and go "Ahhh, that's right, He does!"

So, inconclusion. The tea was lovely, the dainty little sandwiches were delicious and a little gal time with Brain shopping at my favorite thrift store afterwards was a delightful end to the outing.

Oh yeah...and look what we got as a gift from DAR...

DAR Voodoo Dolls!!!

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  1. Yay for free shoes!! :) That is such a pretty little dress!

  2. Voodoo dolls FTW! And you always look lovely, my dear!

  3. Such a pretty outfit. Thanks for linking up to My Style Monday!

  4. What an adorable dress!
    I'm so glad you had a nice time!

  5. Girl! You look so cute...that dress!! And seeing how good that necklace looks on you makes me want to open up shop again and spread some more of my love for hymns. Thank you girl. xo