Friday, January 10, 2014

It's an epidemic!!!

Are you aware of this
 (not so)newly  discovered disorder?


Maybe if I tell you a little bit about it, you'll guess what it is,

Symptoms may include but are not limited to:

a knot in your stomach.

high blood pressure.


excessive eye rolling.


Any guesses? Surely you've experienced these symptoms. I know I have!

 You my friend have PTFD

It's Present-Traumatic-Facebook-Disorder.
(present because clearly we're not past it)

that knot in your stomach could be caused by those pictures you see of your friends...hanging out...*gasp* WITHOUT YOU!!
what jerk-faces, not thinking I deserve to be in every social situation!

that high blood pressure could be caused by those "combative" articles you see containing opposing opinions, you know..the ones you want to comment on, but are worried about the reaction it would get.
 *I'll tell HER what I think of her political views!!...ok no I won't!*

excessive eye rolling? 
Gigi posted another status update about how perfect her relationship is.
 *does Dirk Square-Jaw ALWAYS bring her roses"just because"??*

Lucy posts "inspirational" quotes and status' about her workout routine. She's fit and feeling fine!

  that could be the late nights you spend pouring over pages of "perfection"
*just ONE more picture...then I'll call it a night!*

Oh it's toxic.
and baby your slipping under.
ok, sorry..I blame Dutch Bros. for blasting it on the radio..yesterday.


But that heartache??

That blame my friends, belongs solely to ourselves. 

Because life more often than not, DOES look pretty darn peachy from our view.
Because if we choose to look at Facebook for what it really is, a glorified cliff notes of our lives, then we'll understand that those posts, those pictures...they aren't our friends and family trying to stick a knife in our envious little hearts.Those are simply our loved ones showing us their very best. 

Their moments they want to share:

The roses their husband bought them.
*because they've been so busy, they've barely gotten to see each other*

The Disneyland vacation.
*that they saved for a year and a half to pay for*

The picture of their new car.
*that took them months to decide on*

The status update about their kids getting along.
*because they've had a hard week and having a moment of peace is a blessing*

The selfie before a night out.
*because they are so happy they get to feel pretty*

Instead of looking at these posts in a green tinted light, 
let's be happy for them! Smile when we see those posts, those pictures, those highlights.
 Heck, maybe we can really branch out and do more than just "like" their status and tell them WHY we like their status!
For pities sake, they are on our Facebook for a reason, right?? 

Let's do this, because we don't know the full story on Facebook. 
And we don't NEED the full story.
That's THEIR story to tell, to those they hold dearest to them. 

That's OUR story to tell.



  1. haha ok. confession and it isn't very nice...but I like to play Guess who said this dumb thing on fb with my husband...yikes and lol...I read the post and he has to guess it... :) I am sure people do the same to me...but the post was right on.

  2. haha also I totally saw a photo of my mom and sister at lunch on fb and I immediately messaged them..." thanks for inviting me, jerks. " lol they called immediately with some lame excuse like they ran into each other :)