Wednesday, February 27, 2013

He thought, She thought...

You know those moments, when you and your spouse have a conversation whether it be about an event coming up, a difference of opinion about a situation, whatever.

Then you bring up that situation later and you both viewed it SO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT?!

Well that happened to the Chief and I today...but it was pretty hilarious but also traumatizing!

Here's how it started:

We've been trying to encourage each other to be healthier lately,
not necessarily so we can strut our stuff around, but so that we could be healthier, lead by example for our kids and to be honest, feel better about ourselves.

So he came home at 3 like he does everyday and I came home from visiting friends and family 
(I really do other things,I promise...but this is more fun!)

and to be perfectly honest, I just wanted to sit down.
 Mentally unwind and read a book or watch Say Yes to the Dress.
 But Chief was ready in his workout clothes to go running on his treadmill 
and asked (in that "how do I encourage without making her want to rip out my eyeballs?" tone)
" you want to workout with me? You can go on the exercise bike..maybe?"

And since I DID get a day of chatter with lovely friends and wonderful family...I was feeling generous. So I said yes. ;)

Off we went with the kiddos in tow, upstairs to our shop where our Fit Camp dreams awaited..

Off he goes...running like a maniac (the man's a beast I tell you!)
and off I a...less brisk pace we'll say.

But I biked like a trooper, burning legs be darned. 2.5 miles for the win!
Then I rowed a bit, and yes Peanut did sing "Row, Row Row your Boat" for my accompaniment.

Annnnnnd I was done.
 Chief was only getting started ,so I wrangled the kids and off we went to the house so I could vomit wash up.

Hold the phone....legs are wobbly....feeling faint. 
*cue me scooting gracefully (yet painfully slow) down each step*

Ahhh, reached the bottom!
 (no pun intended,....but now that I think of it, that's hilarious!)

close the garage door to our shop annnd.....realize the garage door to our house is closed...that's ok *feeling dizzy*, the front door is probably unlocked, nope. that's ok *is that a pink elephant in our yard??*the cars are unlocked so I can open the garage door from there. NOPE. 

Chief has locked down our house like Fort Knox!!
 *feeling like I want to hurl on the nearest plant, possibly said out-loud to my kids "I'm gonna wring your dad's neck, saw their shocked faces and  halfheartedly said "kiddinnnnng"*

What to do? 
Every entrance to the shop is locked!
...having visions of 80's movies where the boy tries to talk to the girl who's locked in her room...throw pebbles at the window? YES!...wait NO! That's a terrible idea! What else??
 Pine cones?? YES! Soft...durable...perfect!

Toss at the window...perfect shot!  
Now we wait. Nothing.
Repeat this 10 times. Wait. Nothing.
smack the garage door, which results in a loud bang, he's gotta hear that.
Wait. Nothing.
Repeat 5 times.
 Would do more but my strength is coming back to me and I could possibly Hulk this place like you wouldn't believe!

Throw HANDFULS of pine cones 5 more times.
 Am seconds from yelling "STELLAAAA" 


The car clicker goes off!!!

The car is unlocked, the door opener is before my eyes...
is this how Jack from Lost felt?!?
*minus the bizarre and still not cleared up ending*

When asked how the heck he didn't notice a plethora of pine cones at the window he says...

"Oh, I did. But I thought it was hail!"

The boom of the garage door?
What have I learned from this experience?
I'm bringing my own keys and attaching them to a Snickers so I know I'll keep it with me at all times.

This is a lemons AND Snickers post, because darnit that man drives me crazy! But he also makes me laugh. ;0)

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  1. Thank you for a wonderful much neede mid-morning laugh!! What a great story.

  2. haha...this was great/

    my husband is a get up every morning and run/workout at 5 am kind of person...I am a stay in bed and sleep every last second that I can kind of gal...:)