Monday, February 11, 2013

Life's like a box of chocolates...and I think I'm diabetic!


My name is Bekah.

 I have a plethora of nicknames (Boo, Pinky, Squaw, Beks, Rainbow...just depends on who you ask!) and I think that speaks volumes of who I am already....a bit of everything.

 I have musical tastes across the board.

 I have an ...interesting fashion sense, I like colors everywhere,
 though I've been less inclined to put them in my hair nowadays
 since the color craze is everywhere...yeah I probably sound snotty. 
I'm really not! I just like to be individual, and that's hard to do in a world filled with anything from hipster to emo, from country chic to punk rock. 

Some more facts?

I had a blog, once upon a time. But I deleted it in a rash moment of frustration and hurt.
*I am now thoroughly kicking myself for that*

I've been through a tough year...two...ah I lost count.
*but I have suffered nothing compared to most, so I'm sucking it up...errr...trying to at least!*

I embarked on homeschooling this year, and my socks have literally been blessed right off my feet because of it! 
Seriously, I can't find my socks,so I'm assuming this is the logical reasoning for it.

I'm unsure about alot of decisions I've made in life of late....

But I am sure of this.

 I am a child of the King.

 I am loved.

 I am blessed.

I have a sensitive heart, that I am learning to appreciate instead of feel ashamed of.

And life's been rough on that sensitive heart o' mine. 

But it helped me grow.

I've lost a lot.

But I know it'll be returned ten fold somehow, through quiet moments of peace...through special life events, the embrace of my husband, the kiss from my oldest son, the singing of my daughter, the laughter of my youngest, the encouragement of a friend, the time spent with family, the words of a praise song. 

He is present. He is here. I am His.


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