Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The wheels are off!

Our day started out like any normal day.

Homeschoolin' was done at 11. 
All meals were had 
(including the seemingly bazillions of snacks these children consume!)


the sun was wait,
 it wasn't THAT normal for our area. ;0)

So, we went outside to enjoy the fresh air.

Played a little baseball with this slugger.

Dribbled the basketball with this pondering princess.

Sat on the porch swing, with my books and a glass of water.

Ahhh....this is the life.

Then suddenly, my children (who up until this point had been riding with training wheels on their bikes because they were just "not ready" to go rogue yet) decided,
they wanted to take off the training wheels and DO THIS!!

It started as always with one person speaking up, this was my oldest son Jackson. 
Who had a bike without training wheels that he'd received for a birthday present but just felt too intimidated to try out.

And I will tell you honestly, I was not expecting much from this.
 Because we've tried before and emotions ran never ended with a victory.

So, he geared up. And Chief was waiting next to him, hand on the seat, ready to catch him if he tipped over..

and I was waiting with my camera...

It took ONE try, that's it.

 He decided this was time, he didn't need training wheels. He was confident to do it himself.

Then little sister decided SHE was not about to be in training wheels if Jackson wasn't...

ONE try!

She took off on her own and true to Ryleigh fashion SANG a song about being free from training wheels.

So you know of course that Gavin the adventurer wasn't having himself be the only one with training wheels...

You guessed it...ONE try.

And he literally zoomed off and threw in some sharp twists and turns just to make sure I knew that he was still capable of giving me a heart attack.

I stood there watching and realized...

They did this.

On their own. 

Not because I told them they should, or because I pushed them to meet this "milestone" because their friends had already.

They did it because it was their time.

Just look at those accomplished little faces!

That says it all!!

For giving them space to spread their wings


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