Saturday, May 11, 2013



It's such a sneaky thing.
Like Winter frost melting into Spring,
like a beautiful rose wilting brown,
I see these changes in life's ups and downs.

Some bring joy, to my heart's place.
Like my sweet tiny babies, 
who now fold into my embrace.

A coo and a cry was the language they once used.
Have turned into long talks, that always end with 
"I love you".

Tiny onesies were all you wore everyday.
Now it's shirts and pants, that are stained 
from days of play.

Tiny round faces gazing into my eyes.
Now a little less round, when they ask
me questions of why.

Little tiny feet that fit into my hand
I now watch those feet run and ride
from this place where I stand.

I soak it all in like the warm summer sun.
The hurt, the tears.
The laughter, the fun.

These days are passing,
though I try to hold fast.
Knowing too well, it won't always last.

So, I'll be ever present in these fast fleeting years.
I'll hug and kiss and I'll wipe away your tears.
I'll discuss dreams, fears and love.
Raise you to have courage, that you'll
receive from the One above.

My dear sweet darlings, I hope you always know.
That my love never leaves, it only ever grows.
No matter what life's hurdles rearrange.
I have been blessed to be your mama.
That will never change.

Happy Mother's Day.

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  1. way to pull at my heart strings. so great and so bittersweet. hope you had a good mamas day!