Friday, May 24, 2013


I'm new to Instagram,and I'm still learning the ropes but darnit....I kinda dig it!

So, I thought...I'll go ahead and join this "InstaFriday" link up that I've seen around!

Here's my week in Instagramness:

And they call it Poppy Looooove! 
My Peanut was wearing his Harley D hat in honor of his Poppy ,
who is on a much deserved vacation with Grammy for a week.

Yosemite Sam and I have been trying to etch out some time together, cause we've been so darn busy!
A little brother/sister lunch date
 was just what we needed!
 And Roo is the best photo bomber, in my opinion. ;0)

Guess who scored 100% on their final Language Arts 
AND Math tests for the year?

My Little Cool Cat Roo. 
She is confident and comfortable in her style 
and that makes this mama very proud.

We soak up the sun with a little ride around our neighborhood...

Where I impressed my daughter by taking a picture while riding my bike...I love that they find amazement in the small things. ;0)

Annnnnd we take a "Silly Stop" 
Notice Peanut's RUN face?
 It's because while taking pics we didn't HEAR the car pulling up behind us...yeah....our neighbors think we're weird.

And we are.

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  1. Can I just say that it's so awesome that your kids all get along?? Or at least the look great in pictures together. I hope that mine (well we don't even have ONE yet) get along like that! Riding bikes together? Getting excited about good grades together? That is just fantastic.

  2. ok i totally thought instagram was just a really cool photo edit app until a friend told me it was social media .lol.

    HOW GREAT is that about your kiddos test?!!?? God is really working in the whole home school thing!!

    and of course i love the last photo. lol .I feel that i will have a new found freedom when all my kids can swim and ride bikes :)

  3. Awww cute photos! What a happy family! Welcome to instagram sweetie! =)