Thursday, May 30, 2013


Week Number TWO of InstaFriday over here!!

And clearly since this is my only blog post this week SINCE last Friday, it's clear I've been a busy bee!

First off, last Saturday we went to the local Memorial Day Parade with some great friends and watched the different floats drive by and clapped for the service men and women, I may have choked up as I always do when the parade comes to town. 
It's just beyond beautiful to me, how these men and women sacrifice 
their lives for our country. 
When I stop and ponder it, I always feel my heart tug.

I felt very Bret Michaels this day. 
Minus the possible STD's mind you!
Before you go "Ohhhhh, say what?!", know this:
I watched Rock of Love.
*yeah, I admit it wasn't my proudest moment in life*

Then that night,we went to listen to my awesome rocker friends The Lost Woods play a gig and listened to their great tunes while laughing and eating some delicious food at this place.
Aren't my pals, GORGEOUS?!


Next, we had a beach day with the family, and clearly it's not a beach day til mama dresses like a hippie!

~*I'm kind of loving this picture.*~

That same night, we went to our local drive-in with some MORE rad friends and watched
"The Croods". We can always count on a lot of laughs with this family!

Today, I was lucky enough to go to the park and have a coffee date with these lovely ladies, whom I've known for almost 20 years!!! It's days like this that I feel blessed to live in a small town, where we can keep in touch.

ANNNNND, finally. THIS handsome fella received a call from our school today saying that he won an iPod shuffle from the state testing drawing!!

As you can tell, he's very jazzed!

WHEW! That was our week in Instagram and I'm tired just looking at the pics!

What did your week look like via Instagram?

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  1. love these! i need a beach so i cam have a beach day!

    we have lakes. but i don't do lakes. lol they are sort of like brett micheals full of decrease. lol