Monday, March 18, 2013

a little reggae made my day!

Ok, so the hippy boys from Arcata 
were not the sole reason for my great weekend..
*though their lyrics "Your love is burnin, my love is burnin'...and I'm numb" did have me concerned that an STD was causing them some distress but I was impressed that they turned it into a chill reggae tune!*

But my weekend was FAAAAANTASTIC due to the fact that it was celebrated with some of my favorite gals!

3 of them in fact
 all 3 of them as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. 

With unique personalities, unique outlooks and unique fashion.

I love me some hodge podge of loveliness!

We started off on Saturday morning,
 bright and early and ready for some fun!

First thing on our agenda?
a hike of course!

Now Lady Lovelylocks 
(yes I nickname most of my friends!)
and I had a discussion about the hike beforehand and she read
from the website that it was an easy level hike so I felt confident that I wouldn't wheeze myself into embarrassment...

it was rough ya'll!!!

You would think that the fact that it's a MOUNTAIN would tip me off to that conclusion but no.

Look alive Bekah! Make em' think your purely lounging for a photo opportunity!

Luckily we stopped a few times to breath and also seeing 6 year old children hiking with ease shamed me into gettin' er done! ;0)

Made it to the top and had enough spunk left in us to show that mountain who's boss!

And act like a fierce mountain climber.;0)

Then after we kicked butt , we were off to our little cottage to get ready for our night out on the town!

There's something so simply cool about getting dolled up with your gal pals, while listening to some Avett Brothers and having the resident makeup artist of the bunch help you all with eye liner! 

 Lovely eye makeup? Check!
Zoolander face? Double check! 

We all got some pics by the fireplace in our "Saturday best" and
guess who can't take a decent "smile pretty" pic?
 this goober!
*But on a woo hoo for me note, I revamped this dress the night before and changed it from a one shoulder number to a sweetheart neckline with some vintage lace straps number in one hour flat!*

This is the only pic I have of me in the dress before my redo!

After eating some amaaaazing Thai Food,we grabbed a coffee from this cute little coffee shop where they have hipster barista's who make BEAUUUTIFUL designs in your latte!

 next we  headed off to hear some of that Reggae music I was telling you about. 
We danced and giggled the night away!
 (and I have to tell you, the dancing did not come naturally to me...
I automatically want to do the robot or the sprinkler but reggae beats don't allow it!)
 Cue the 1am end of the night pic/start of the morning pic
where I'm sweaty from all those awkward dance moves I threw out there!

We ended the night with
 conversations and tea til 3am. 
And I wouldn't.!
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  1. Lovely photos of a lovely weekend! The dress turned out SO well!

    1. Thanks Brain! I didn't remember how awkward my "girls" looked before the redo! ...just keepin' it real! ;)

  2. Love the dress!!! Thanks for sharing! and linking up!!


  3. ok please tell me you got the nickname lady lovelylocks from the 80's kids book!!!! i loved that book and i call my daughters that lol .

    love the look!