Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Totally Grateful

I’m committing myself to doing a post once a week,
  focusing on the positive in my life.

And there really is SO MUCH to be grateful for, but I have a tendency to get negative news and stick it directly in my “life sight”. I try to look around it but I just keep zipping back to the frustrating issue.

No more I say!


I’m totally grateful for:

~*My oldest son having a blast at his FIRST sleepover,
and the fact the I felt confident leaving him in the home of a dear family*~

~*My daughter telling me she voiced her opinion to a friend about hurt feelings,
 and she did it in a very calm and kind manner*~

~*My youngest son waking up the last few weeks with a positive attitude,
dressed and ready to face the day with a smile*~

~*a walk with my parents and my sister & family today,
where I’ll be refreshed by the crisp air and the sweet conversations*~

~*Family Dinner tonight where we’ll play games and laugh and be silly
 AND I’ll get to visit my little brother and his darling girlfriend,
which is a rare opportunity these days with all of our busy schedules*~

~*I’m thankful for the generosity of local business in our community,
donating some really great stuff to redo the teachers lounge at our kids old school*~

~*Grateful that I have a hubby who is being so supportive of our home schooling,
Encouraging me when I start to doubt*~

~*For quiet Wednesdays, where we relax in our jammies and watch Disney classics like, Swiss Family Robinson and eat copious amounts of orange sherbert cookies*~

~*Grateful for this week, where we’re focusing on the beautiful Resurrection of our Lord and King,  the greatest gift and the best miracle all in one story, hearing the questions and the thoughts that my munchkins have, answering them, reading the word and just reveling in His glory*~

…Well…that really helped! 
I feel better already!

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut


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