Monday, April 1, 2013


I love Thrifter's Anonymous posts because,
I. Am. A. Thriftoholic!

I love finding cute clothes for crazzzzy cheap prices.

And alot of times you find really unique little gems
 among the mess of clothes when you wander into a Goodwill type store!

Like these TOTALLY RADICAL bowler style shoes!!!

I found these babies at Ross
last year while I was shopping with my pal Brain.

Her and I have verrrrry different styles.

She's more casual cute and I'm...weird.

So when I gasped and picked up these shoes, she had a hard time not gagging I'm sure but instead she tentatively said:
"...would you...wear those anywhere?"

to which I exclaimed "Um, YES!!"

I turned over the price tag to discover they were on clearance!

I scored a STRIKE with money to SPARE! ;0) 

And THEN last week when I was in Portland 
with my hubby and some friends for a concert, we
stopped by the local Salvation Army and I scored these
 Banana Republic jeans
for &7.99! 
 Victory is mine!
Shoes: Rockport brand~$11
Jeans: Banana Republic bought at Goodwill for $7.99
Sweatshirt: LA Kitty-$4
Total Outfit:
Feelin' like a groovy bowler whilst walking around town?
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  1. I looooove your victory picture! Also, I am in awe at how many different outfits you've been able to wear those shoes with. My gray tennis shoes are MUCH safer. LOL! <3

    1. I'm tellin ya they are super comfy! You'll be wearing platform shoes in no time! ;)

  2. hahah Oh my gosh...those shoes are incredible...and these pictures are adorable!! I need some STAT!!! Thanks for sharing Bekah!!!