Friday, April 5, 2013

A week of woe!

Ok, I think we all know that I have a flair for the dramatics.

So when I say "woe" I really could take it down a notch,
but people....

I. Can't. Talk!!!

This affliction alone feels like the cruelest form of torture!

All those childhood moments of pretending to be Ariel, patting my throat 
(much to my mama's amusement) and acting out the life of The Little Mermaid 
and here I am and what's the FIRST analogy my friend Lady Lovelylocks uses 
when I was describing my muteness?

"Your like the little mermaid!"

Folks, do I have great friends or what?!

It started out just being a really gnarly headache, where I was worried I had vertigo, migraines 
and various other horrific possibilities 
I found via's not Googles fault..I should show restraint! 

But I finally figured out (4 days too late if ya ask me!) I had a sinus headache!
Then of course once I found medicine for THAT, I woke up yesterday to no voice

I tried singing....and let's just say that I could join the sea lions at the harbor and fit right in.

But I am terrible at just RESTING when I should, so I threw in events, double days of home school and movie outings with the family!
Easter Baskets, 3D Movies and sweet kisses!


So, right now I'd like to give a shoutout to all those who helped me (and who continue to help me) make it through this time of agony tolerable time of sickness:

Your calls to check in on me during your crazy busy week at work have touched my heart.
Your "Poor muffin"'s have made me smile. 

Your snuggles  and sweet moments of feeling my forehead, bringing me water and tucking my blanket around me, show your heart....and it is good.


 We know all three of you made me get well cards, but I always love the little extra "somethin'" you throw into yours, a little color makes my day 
 and you know that and I thank you darlin'.

Your above pictured kiss on my hand and the many that followed made my heart overflow.
....and that cadbury egg you brought me when no one was looking...
well how do you think that extra .50 got in your "account"?
Don't tell your siblings though!    

And finally to the lesser acknowledged but equally important things in my week:
 Campbell's Hearty Vegetable Beef (with added cilantro and cheese)
...well it's amazing what soup can do! Or so your commercials tell me,thanks for bringing comfort to my tummy!

 you beautiful medicinal products!
Before you entered my life (via my throat) I considered putting myself in an induced coma til the pain stopped. 

 Because I'm ridiculous. 

but still. I am thankful I live in a time where I can whine on Facebook about what ails me, get suggestions from friends and pop over to Wal-Mart to pick up these things!

Dear Sir,
thank you for writing beautiful stories that when I can speak I get to read with my children for story time. 

My crafty doll face munchkins,
I'm so glad we were able to make these journals for thoughts and stories and these ledgers to keep track of your money AND the memory verses you memorize.

And finally to myself:
We will get through this! Suck it up woman! 
for the sweetness that comes through sickies

I feel this is self explanatory


  1. Ohhh, this post makes me sad! It stinks that you've been so sick, and stinks even more that you can't talk OR sing! Thank goodness you've got such good caretakers at your house. :) As for your reading material...that one is my absolute FAVORITE in the series. Enjoy enjoy enjoy! And GET BETTER!

    1. Read it a long time ago and I love re-reading it to the kids! Good stuff that C.S. Lewis!

  2. the mag. nephew... MY FAV!!! losing your voice is the worst // lol /// my kids take full advantage : ) glad your better!