Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gettin' by....

With a little help from my friends AND family!!

As you know from this post, I was sick.

Well, it didn't go away!
Can you believe that just being positive 
and hoping you'll feel better doesn't actually make
you feel better?!


Well I proved the Pollyanna Project was a failure this time around.

So, since I was in my "surrre I'm feeling better!" stage, I decided on Sunday that I wanted to get outta dodge, and guess what? So, did my mama!

 So we loaded up my munchkins and 
headed to a little town about an hour and a half away from here.
It's not that we wanted to shop til we drop necessarily, we just love
the experience of taking a trip.

Grabbing a coffee, chatting in the car,
stopping (as per tradition) at a local spot and
getting homemade hot dogs.

and just breathing in 
A change in scenery.

And we had a great time! 
Kids were well behaved, 
made mama and Grammy proud!

It was good for the soul.

But by that evening I was feeling it. I gave my littles hugs and kisses goodnight and when I left Roo's room, I felt very dizzy, so I stopped and leaned on the closet in the hall.... thing I know Chief is shaking me awake, I'm on the floor.

Say what? I fainted!!

I felt loopy and my right arm felt like it weighed a bazillion pounds. 
So, much to my protest 
(and my anxiety over the dollar signs I saw adding up if I went to the hospital)
Chief insisted we go to the ER.

My mama kindly came right over to watch the kids and off we went.

To spend 4 hours in the ER. Hooray!

Cat Scans, X-Rays, Blood Tests and Pee Samples...all in a days work folks!
   The cause of fainting?
This darn dang sinus infection mixed with over doing it and dehydration.

These three things don't mix apparently.

And guess what my friends?

Sinus infections don't get healed with Penny Positive and her lack of knowing her limits, it needs DRUGS!    
 *speaking of drugs they gave me HALF a mg of something that started with a Z and my eyes bugged outta my head and I literally said "Wowza, what's THAT?!"...glad I could amuse the nurse at least*

Now here's the major doozy.

I was OVERWHELMED with gratitude by the love I received from friends and family.

Through messages, texts, calls......

  • through meals made by dear friends
  • hugs from all my sweets
  •  silly comments about Johnny Depp that made me smile amidst the pain.
  • Jack-Jack reading me a story
  • Roo sending me a sweet smile and doing her best to"mind her manners" for her daddy.
  • Peanut jumping on the bed to kiss my face.
  • Chief stepping up BIG time and doing all that I do as a stay at home mama and then some.
  • Sweets (LITERALLY) dropped off with smiles and well wishes...  

Proverbs 17:17 
my friends, my family.

Thank you for blessing me beyond words. 
totally Snickers Worthy! It's even in my collage of treats!

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut



  1. oh know!~ glad you feeling better and all is ok! so hard sometimes as a mama we just don't have the time to just " be sick" lol hugs!

  2. SO glad you're on the mend!! :)

    1. Me too!!! I think your snickers delivery helped!

  3. What great friends you have!

  4. bless your sweet soul!
    i have totally fainted from a terrible sinus infection before!
    thought "oh, it's just my sinuses, i can still chaperone this youth trip" and nearly died after trying to keep up. HA. so glad you are getting well!

    also, you and your mama are too cute.

  5. I had No idea you were in such dire straights! Yikes! SO glad you are on the mend, but, sheesh girl! Rest well and often.


    1. Oh well you know me, I suffer in silence… Or at least on Facebook. Hehe I will rest, I promise! Love ya sweet friend!

  6. Just found you through a Thankful Thursday link-up. I love the name of your blog so creative. :)

    Wow, that's crazy! Bad Sinuses and allergies can be a major pain. Hope you are feeling better soon.