Monday, April 22, 2013

Awkward Elementary Moments

So, I've had some heavy (for me at least) posts as of late
 and thought it's time to toss some of life's silly moments in there!

So, last week I was reading our Science book to the munchkins for school, pretty routine stuff...
I read, they answer questions,it's one of their favorite subjects to do.

 So much so that we do 4 days worth in one day because they zip through it!

 And a lot of times they ask EXTRA questions....this time was no exception...

Let me at this time warn you that...I am an awkward person in general but when it comes to body parts and anything related to hanky panky....I turn 12 years old, INSTANTLY.

So, needless to say when our Science book's topic was  Hormones, I gulped but charged through.

Like a super radar, I saw the word breasts before I even got to that portion of the paragraph...

but I did it! And guess what? My kids didn't care.

Oh whew, that was easy..

then I turned the page...

Genes, oh that sounds harmless! Wait...what's the picture of the tadpoles doing on this page?


"So guys, now we're talking about genes. 
Your genes are made up of half of my genes and half of daddy's genes, and this is how our genes mix together...see this is where the egg is in my body, *no not like a chicken Gavin*, and these things that LOOK like tadpoles are called *breath deep* sperm *Jackson-SPERM?!* yes sperm. And so when the sperm goes into the egg, that's when you guys were made!.."
Oh that wasn't so bad!

Wait...they had more questions.

Jackson *looking at me suspiciously*-"wait...I was in your womb...and so..WHERE did I come out of??"


"Well, actually came out of my ..."
*I start pointing down to my birthing area*

 and Ryleigh shouts out "BAGINA!"

"Yes...that's right Ryleigh."
(But I pronounced it correctly)
Then he asks....
" where does that sperm come out of again?"

At this point I'm raising my eyebrow at him, 
wondering if he can smell fear and has decided to test it out.


Gavin exclaims;
"From my PEEP!"

Yep....yep that's it

Class is over!!  

This awkward moment was brought to you by: Bekah the awkward home-school teacher. 

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  1. Hahahaha!!! Oh my goodness, I'm blushing red just after reading that! Kudos for using the appropriate names for parts, and telling them the truth, even if it felt mortifying! :)

  2. lol.

    if i ever homeschool i am sending my kids your way via science.

    this was so funny!!