Monday, May 6, 2013

This, that and in between!

I must confess, I am having a frazzle-icious morning today!

I'm still in my jammies, I'm lookin' not so foxy and I am letting my kids take a longer snack break than usual!

I have a bazillion and one things buzzing through my brain, which works for today's link up because I'm feeling awfully random and miscellaneous!!!

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So, I'll just talk about our weekend!

As I mentioned in this post, my Chief's birthday was last week.On his actual birthday we just had a nice little family night, but we also had a lovely dinner with friends on Friday, dinner with friends on Saturday and a movie date on Sunday, so we partied all weekend long 
(and by party, I really just mean we ate and laughed a lot, we're hardcore people)

Anyways, I'm getting sidetracked...we had something very miraculous happen in our area this Saturday...

This Saturday we had the most glorious day!

In our little town, it rains about....ohhhh 75% of the time. 

But not this no...

It was a whoppin' 95 degrees over here!!!

So naturally we enjoyed the day by spending it outside...alllllll day!

I told Chief I felt like I was in Munchkin-Land , usually driving around town we see a few people scattered  about, but suddenly our town seemed to triple in size, people here, there and everywhere! It was wonderful!

We spend some time at the beach...
*while Jackson impersonated a GQ model*

Some time in our front yard, 
donning our river attire and running through sprinklers, 
soaking up the sun and making silly faces of course.

Went to pizza with some dear friends, and felt like death from the heat walked the harbor  while we waited for our food to arrive.

All in all it was a truly delightful weekend!

And speaking of sun...I see more outside. So I believe I'll go make myself somewhat decent and enjoy it!

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Oh yeah, before I forget...

Have you met my little dragon? Take a listen, it's pretty impressive. ;0)  

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  1. aww you are such a fun mama! glad you enjoyed your family time and did not melt!