Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A month away, deserves a special day!

So, it's been awhile since I've blogged. 

I've been busy enjoying the river, and actually MAKING Pinterest 
projects instead of just well...pinning them like I usually do!

But it's a special occasion my friends, tomorrow I am going in for an outpatient surgery, nothing major....but I'm nervous so prayers are always welcomed and appreciated.
But that's not the special occasion, no no.

 Tomorrow my kids will be watched by my mom and dad, 
as my Chief takes me out of town for the surgery.
Nope, that's not the special occasion either 
(well it is to my kids)

but tomorrow...and the reason I must stop doing craft projects to blog and brag is because it is my Mom's birthday.

Yep, that's right, she is watching my kids for me...on her birthday, that alone is a big deal to me.
 But the sweetest thing about it?

She offered. 

The surgery dates they gave me were for the day of her birthday 
(which I immediately mentally blocked off,
 because I wouldn't dream of asking her to do that for me on her special day) 
or August, which is when mine and Roo's birthdays are.

Immediately, with no hesitation, no thinking about it, no selfish thought involved she said 
"Do it on my birthday!"

When I quickly said "Mom, I can't do that! That's your" she says "..but I want to."

That still makes me tear up.

You see, to have that sweet sacrifice for a BIG deal...because as a child, my mom and I were sort of combative.

And I'll admit, (this may be the only time I admit it, so luckily for her it's documented forever!)
 I was not the easiest child to raise.
Pink Bow? That's me! Snuggling up to my mama

Ya see....

I was dishonest.
Like when I was chewing a cookie, and my mom asked me if I snuck a cookie and I said no...
with crumbs coming out of my mouth. 
So I wasn't the best liar, obviously. 
*And that's just a time when she caught me!*

I was sneaky.
Like when I was about to get a spankin' for...lord knows what I did that time, and I stuffed Berenstain Bear books in my pants to ward off the oncoming pain...though when I started laughing uncontrollably she was on to me. 

I was sassy.
Youuuu have not met a sassier child, I'm sure. I ALWAYS had to have the last word...and that got me in a lot of trouble!

But things beautifully after I got married and started having munchkins, I not only realized her frustration...I understood her for the first time. 

No longer did I only look at her as the lady that said "No" to me, 
but as the lady that miraculously didn't throttle me!

I thought of the moments that I took for the fact that she most mornings MADE our breakfasts, like serious good ole giant breakfasts, pancakes, eggs, waffles and such. 

I don't do that! It's a treat over here, but it was a regular thing for her.

Or the fact that she worked very hard to keep our house clean all the time.

I certainly don't do that over here!
 We're "Comfortably Cluttered" in this house.

So where do you think I go for a good cup o' coffee and conversation?

To My Mama.

Who did I call to cry to when my feelings were hurt by someone?

To My Mama.

Who let's us tease her by slipping salamanders in her chair while camping?

Or puts up with us laughing hysterically when we all pose for a picture at Disneyland and she missed the memo:

Who loves her grand-babies with all her heart:

Who always makes a point of having family dinners at her house so we can be together:

Who sacrificed her special day so that I could get the surgery I needed....

This mama.

So to you, mama, little lady,
Happy Early Birthday!!!!

Love you so much.
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