Monday, November 11, 2013

A little hope, goes a long way.

So, when I first had this feeling of "spreading the love" and blogged about it, I had this grand idea that people 
around me would latch on and be excited 
and oh my goodness wouldn't this be amazing!
...well, to be honest that hasn't really happened...


I'm ok with that. I won't be dishonest, I wasn't ok with it at first.
 I felt like I had failed to shine bright enough, 
so that everyone would WANT to be involved.
I came to realize a few things yesterday, during a 
really touching and beautiful church service. 

1. This stirring on my heart wasn't necessarily for EVERYONE I know to do. Would it be wonderful if everyone felt that same stirring? Of course. But for me to expect all who read my blog post to have that same feeling that I did? Not really fair.  
2. This is the path set before myself and my family, at this time.
 And if it inspires? wonderful.
 If that spark starts right now for someone? great.
 If it starts at another time down the road for someone? Still, great! 

3. my heart's desire is for this "project" to become a regular part of our lives.
 To live intentionally, to love constantly, to shine brightly. 
This week's "spark" is something that has been an obstacle to overcome for myself.
Give hope to the homeless. 
You see, when I was a little girl, I used to ask my parents if we could invite the homeless people we saw to lunch. I had a desire to help.
Then through some unfortunate circumstances through helping, my views became jaded.
I came to a point where I didn't want to reach out anymore, because it hurt.
But it's not about my ego is it? That's a hard pill to swallow!
So this week we are making care packages
 to send out around our area.
You can make 1, or 5, 0r 20! Whatever you feel inspired to do!
Here's a really neat link for ideas, that we've drawn from.
A wonderful couple in our church is a part of the Gideons and
 they are giving us some bibles to include in the packages, 
I'm so excited and grateful for that blessing!
My hope is that this spark inspires, in a small or giant way! 
But, no matter what:

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  1. oh i love this! we actually pack lunches when we go into the city and hand them out to those who are in need or homeless. This year now that our kids are getting old we will add hat and mittens to the bag during the winter.! I will blog it about it soon :)