Saturday, November 2, 2013

it only takes a spark, to set a heart on fire...

I've felt a stirring in my heart for awhile now...

One night at the very end of summer, after praying with the kids, we started talking about things coming up, and since school was starting that was our main focus. I had so many idea swirling in my head/heart as to how we were going to make it even better than our first year....

Less buckle down, more chill- (of course structure is good, but I wasn't fully allowing us to have that relaxed home-school environment, you know...sitting on the couches while working etc. The first year I was all about "re-creating" our previous school experiences. This year I wanted to embrace the pluses of this "lifestyle".)

More field trips and outings with new friends- We had a small homeschool group our first year, and it was/is great but we needed some more tangible events scheduled to do.

and the biggest stirring?

To Shine- We had started what we dubbed our "Community Craft" towards the end of the year, where we picked an outreach each month. Well we did one in March where we made cookies and sent out clovers that said: "We are so 'lucky' to have you serving our community!"

not the best LOOKING, but boy were they yummy!

This was such an awesome time for our little bunch.
I had each of the kids pick a personal place/thing that they were thankful for, and off we went.

 Ryleigh's choice was our old school full of lovely teachers and staff who were very kind and appreciative of our treats.

Gavin's choice was the fire station and met Willy who was very thankful for some treats and blessed us with a tour of the fire station. His smile and sweet spirit really inspired my munchkins and myself!

Jackson's choice was the local VFW Hall, where they brought out an army veteran and my soft spoken oldest walked up to her and said "Thank you for serving our country and fighting for our freedom".
 I had to summon all my control not to cry right on the spot. 

That day will remain in my heart. 

I knew going into our second year, that I wanted more of these moments. These beautiful experiences in life that remind us what we're here for. 
Who we serve and why we serve Him.

So once I told the kids my feelings, they were totally on board and my youngest said 
"Hey what about that Newsboys song? You know...the one that says "Shine, make em' wonder what you got...?" and proceeded to do a silly dance that we still do now every time we hear the song.

Theme song? Check!

Then we found our verse:


So for the month of October, we knew that we would be going to our local convalescent homes and doing our "trick or treating" there, which we've been blessed to be able to do that last few years now. But my little Roo spoke up and said "Mom, you know how we go see the grandmas and grandpas for Halloween? Well, I think we should give them something, instead of just taking candy from them"...

Bless her heart, I honestly hadn't even thought to do anything else.
So she took charge and decided we should make cards for them.
We cut them into pumpkin shapes, and each kiddo took 10 on their own and drew a picture of their favorite thing about fall and each had a message 
"Wishing you a Happy Harvest, with love:"  

The residents were so kind! And my kids really enjoyed chatting with them and learning more about them (so much so that we're going back...regularly!).

This night got me thinking..."this started with a how can we set a fire?"

SO, to bring this post to my PURPOSE for posting...

For the month of November, I challenge you my friends to set a fire! 
Not literally, OBVIOUSLY. ;)

Each Monday, I will post how we plan on setting a fire that week. 
Then you can take that "spark" and do the same in your area,
 OR do what you feel is put on YOUR heart!
There is no right or wrong way to show kindness, am I right? :)

 Then link up your "spark experience", pass around the graphic, and let's encourage each other to reach out,  to help others,  to SHINE.  

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  1. i know those firemen loved the treats lol. what a sweet idea!