Thursday, July 17, 2014

Live your life.

 Well HEYYYYYYY there! It's been awhile my loyal 13 followers!
You've stuck with me through this dry spell, and I'm ever so grateful!

I've had a dear, sweet friend who has been faithfully encouraging me to get back to blogging and I'm ever so thankful for her!

It's not that I haven't WANTED to  blog....
I would say it was more like I didn't know where to start.

You know those game shows where they stick someone in a payphone-like container full of dolla bills and then start the wind machine, and they try to catch as much mula as they can?

That's how I feel about blogging. 
But instead of money I  feel like I'm trying to grab one of the bazillion thoughts running through my brain at any given moment, hold onto it and write about it.


So much has been going on, but nothing so profoundly clear that I felt like
 "Oh yeah, I'm gonna share this because I could TOTALLY formulate words for this situation!".

But one thing (one dolla bill) that has been coming to mind pretty often lately is this:

Live Your Life.
(and not just because I'm in love with MIKA and this song)

As I've written before, I'm a people pleaser. I should even have a special plaque because I've always been so  darn good at it! But as I've gotten so deliciously older and wiser, I've relaxed on that feeling, stepped back and thought " on earth am I going to please all these people in my life, and still be ME?"


I can't.

I could try to be less silly and not sneak my friends camera phone and take pictures like this:

Because the proper people think that's totally gross and immature.

I could stop bursting into song at the drop of a hat.
because I might get a disapproving look, affirming my awkwardness.
But seriously, I wouldn't know what to do with myself.

I could only hang out with a small circle of friends, to  avoid the drama of different personalities.
But lord have mercy I'm not a fan of encouraging Diva attitudes. 

See, there are SO MANY THINGS about myself that I would have to change in order to  satisfy the personalities and opinions of others, but the only one I want to be totally and completely satisfied with my attitude is my God. 

So I'm gonna sing awkwardly, laugh loudly, cry often
be silly, dress weird, hug tons, smile big,
 dance like a dork, snort laugh, love fiercely and shine brightly.

and I strongly encourage you all to do the same!

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  1. Yeahhhh! Do it! I dare you!!

  2. i miss your blog. come back. :)

    i am fairly certain everyone quit blogging over the self included.

    Hope all is well!