Sunday, October 12, 2014

This brain was made for a floor sample.

You heard right, folks!

God is good and we are expecting baby #4!!!
(here's the post for those who don't know the journey)

We are feeling so grateful for this time in our lives right now...

the weekly development of our wee one.
the love and encouragement from family and friends.
the excitement brewing daily,

and then my very favorite.
Being able to say "I'm with child!" every time someone says or does something I don't care for!

(It's USUALLY said in jest, but I'm not afraid to pull it out at random!)

But there's one thing I forgot that I personally seem to possess at random times in my pregnancy:


I can cry/laugh/or get incredibly frustrated at the drop of a hat lately.
It's a gift...or a curse. Depending on which moment you catch me in, I'll say either. 

Here's some things that have amused/frustrated me in these first weeks/months of pregnancy:

Frustrated me:

(though to be completely brain really didn't have much of a chance.)

I recently set up a get together with some homeschool mamas to  chat, eat dessert and talk about our first few weeks of school...

Yes, I set it up.

I even posted on our page THAT MORNING that I was looking forward to seeing everyone.

and 20 minutes after the shindig started I got this text while I was sitting on the couch, having showered and gotten into my grubby jammies watching a show with the Chief:

I FUH-LIPPED out! I jumped up yelling "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! How could I have forgotten?!"

and proceeded to make myself feel like a putz for this "travesty" that I created.

Talk about needing to give yourself some grace!
(that's a whole other blog post, I have literally been the WORST to myself!)

 I got to the destination...40 minutes after it started. 
Luckily the gals were full of giggles and grace for my scatterbrain.

Amused me:

There are times when my brain actually amuses me. I have to be amused because if I crawled under a rock every time I said/did something ridiculous, I'd basically be Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants.

This morning after church was one of those days:

We had a great worship service
 (at least I thought so...probably because we sang several of my favorite songs),
 and after church I was chatting with friends here and there, but I had to  get going quickly because  a dear lady from our church invited my daughter Roo and a friends daughter to come over and pick out a bunch of Barbie's and other toys that she was getting rid of and I  didn't want to keep her waiting.

So I'm getting my keys out for our new van, with it's fancy little key fab
 (fab...faub? I don't know how to  spell it, the thing with all the buttons!) 

and I'm standing by my car, with my daughter and her friend and I'm pushing the button to unlock and it's not working!!

I'm frazzled, going "what the heck is wrong with this thing? It's BROKE!" as I'm pointing it at the car, willing the button on the car to go up and say "Ok I'm unlocked now".

I'm there for almost 5 minutes...pushing that button. Panicking. 

 When suddenly I look over at the car next to  me...and the doors are open...and unlocked.

I had been trying to unlock my friends van the whole time!!!!

Oh lordy! And I'm barely 7 weeks pregnant!! Stay tuned for the many adventures of my pregnancy!

Also, a thanks to Christina over at The Olive Tree for encouraging me to blog!
 Hopefully I can make it less than 4-5 months before I post again!

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